Instruction and Evaluation….

  • Using Technology to Facilitate and Support Authentic Assessment
  • Using Technology to Facilitate and Support Formative Assessment
  • Integrate to Differentiate
  • Build Student Literacy with "Digi-tell" Stories
  • Use Technology to Promote Integrity and
    Battle Cheating and Plagiarism in Your Classroom
  • Resources for Secondary Social Studies Teachers
  • Developing WebQuest & Activities that Support Curriculum
  • Thinkfinity Resources (General, ELA, Social Studies, the Arts, Science, Math)
  • Daily Specials
  • Use Technology to Collaborate, Motivate and Generate

Web 2.0 Applications to Build 21st Century Skills…

  • Blogs in Education
  • Podcasts that Promote Learning
  • Wikis in Education…Worthwhile or Worthless?
  • YouTube and the Use of Free Video Resources in Education
  • Developing Universal Favorites and Social Bookmarks
  • Web 2.0 Tools & Applications that Support Teaching & Learning
  • Build Digital Literacy Skills with Web 2.0 Applications
  • Goin' to Google School (select from numerous options)
  • Web 2.0 Wonders (developed for general or curriculum-specific audiences based on your needs)

Specific Technology Applications…

  • Making your Computer Work for You (Microsoft Office in the Classroom)
  • Create Power-Packed PowerPoints for Instruction and
    Project-Based Curriculum Integration
  • Inspire Young Readers and Writers with Kidspiration™
  • Using Inspiration™ to Construct Meaning and Support Writing Skills
  • Show-n-Tell with Photo Story 3
  • PowerPoint Picture Books
  • Using Whiteboard Technology to Engage Students
  • Create Miniature Books Using Microsoft Publisher
  • Build Math Skills with Kidspiration™ 3.0
  • Moviemaker Magic
Proprietors: Jen and Bob Farr
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