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Our Mission...

We strive to develop resources and workshops that will inspire educators to become lifetime learners, so that they in turn can teach students to be competent in subject matter, digitally literate, effective collaborators, creative thinkers,
and innovative

Jen's Credentials...

- Certified New York State Educational Administrator

- Experienced Keynote speaker

- 17 years working directly with educators, students, and technology

- Workshops delivered locally, regionally, and nationally.

- Published over 150 online educational resources used by educators in 150+ school districts across New York State

Bob's Credentials...

- Experienced IBEW union electrician and foreman

- Supervised installation of electrical circuits, fire alarms, and security systems in businesses and school districts in the Rochester area


Linking to the World...

  • via Jen's blog.
    Jen posts information on her blog throughout the week. Postings include the following: Web 2.0 Wonders, Farr-Out In-"Sites," Integration Muses, and more. Use the RSS feature available on Jen's blog to read her postings throughout the week. She is also available throught Twitter....user name farroutlinks (what else would it be?).

  • through workshops and trainings.

    Jen has developed workshops that focus on the instructional application and use of technology in the classroom. Each workshop includes access to a resource website that participants can reference following delivery of our on-site training. Link to a quick list of Jen's workshop offerings.
    Jen has delivered trainings during summer computer camps, as part of new teacher orientations, after school, and on Saturdays. Her trainings have been customized to meet the needs of community members, secretaries, aids, and teachers. She will also research and develop workshops and training materials that are customized to the needs of your district or corporation. Please contact us for details.
  • View Jen's Online Vitaas consultants.

    Jen has worked with schools, businesses, and individuals to assess and develop technology and/or business plans, instructional strategies, materials, and trainings that are tailored to the needs and goals of each organization or individual. View her online Vita for further information.

    Bob has worked with architects and managed jobs installing the wiring infastructure of businesses and schools.

  • through web design and development.

    Jen has developed educational resource sites that are used by educators across New York state. She also plans and designs websites for organizations and individuals. She can maintain your web presence or teach you how to manage your site once it is established.
Proprietors: Jen and Bob Farr
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