Teaching Inference
Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 | Author:

When reviewing data with teachers, we often discover that students stumble on inference-type questions (I bet that comes as no surprise to all reading teachers out there!).  Below, you will find several inference resources I discovered as I researched strategies, tools, and resources that could be used to help students understand and develop inference skills.

So what is inference? Below, you will find several of my favorite definitions:

  • Inference is a judgement based on reasoning rather than on direct or explicit statement. A conclusion based on facts or circumstances. For example, advised not to travel alone in temperatures exceeding fifty degrees below zero, the man in Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” sets out anyway. (Dictionary of Literary Terms)
  • Inference is a logical guess based on evidence based on evidence in the text.
  • Inference involves making conclusions about a piece of literature when the connection is not provided in a piece of literature.

The following resources may be helpful as you teach the skill of inference…

Graphic Organizers that can be used to help students:

PowerPoints that help teach inference:

Videos that help teach Inference:

Additional files that can be used to teach Inference…