October 9 – Top 10
Friday, October 09th, 2009 | Author:

Check out the great resources and videos I discovered and bookmarked this week. In no particular order, I have listed my favorite top 10 sites, blog posts, and videos of the week below. Feel free to share your favorite finds of the week using the comment link found at the bottom of this post.

  1. Intelligent YouTube Video Collections – Open Culture has posted a marvelous list of education-oriented video links
  2. 30 Resources to Find the Data You Need – check out the marvelous resource links posted by Nathan on the Flowing Data Strenth in Numbers site
  3. October is National Book Month! Celebrate!
  4. Learn Your Tables – Learning your multiplication tables can be fun! Drag and drop the correct answers or enter the answers using this interactive online activity. Many thanks to Diana Dell for posting this link on Twitter.
  5. Printable Bookmarks – a nice selection of curriculum focused reproducible bookmarks that could be shared with students
  6. Hope for Technology: A Conversation with Digital Natives – This is a video produced to show that today’s digital natives are hungry for guidance and opportunity to experiment with all the new tools available. They wrote much of their own dialogue about the way they felt.
  7. NSF Scrub Club – this was another great Diana Dell twitter share. “This fun, interactive and educational Web site teaches children the proper way to wash their hands. The site consists of a Webisode interactive games, educational music, downloadable activities for kids, educational materials for teachers and program information for parents.”
  8. Without Singing The World Would Be Barren – this year I enjoyed numerous backyard birds when I put up my first bird feeder ever. This slide presentation features some absolutely beautiful bird photos. All that is missing is the chirping and the singing. View it full screen to truly appreciate the beauty!
  9. Creating Music – On this interactive site, children can compose and play their own music. It’s very easy to use and with just a couple clicks, they can make their own piano notes and they can even add in different musical instruments as they wish. For example, if they want to add in a brass instrument, they can easily do so. They can even alter the tempo themselves or play their music backwards for a fun new sound.
  10. ItMadeMyDayIt Made My Day – “Little Moments of WIN” Submit funny things that made your day and take time to read through various moments in time that made the day for others….One of my favorites: “I was working at a special needs day camp and a kid was picking his nose. I told him to stop picking his nose and he said, “I’m not picking my nose, I’m cleaning my finger.” IMMD” The site is not appropriate to share with students since you never know what entry might be posted, but you could certainly use some of the stories as writing prompts.