December 18 – Top Ten
Friday, December 18th, 2009 | Author:

Christmas is only a week from today! Yikes! I hope you have finished your shopping, wrapping, decorating, and baking so you have time to enjoy the great resources and videos I discovered and bookmarked this week. In no particular order, I have listed my favorite top 10 sites, blog posts, and videos of the week below. Feel free to share your favorite finds of the week using the comment link found at the bottom of this post. Have a nice weekend!

  1. Perform a Poem – a website for people in schools who like performing and watching performance poetry. Here you’ll find video poems made by young people all over London. You can browse videos and upload your own video poems with your teacher’s help.
  2. Technology – 10 reasons why Presentations are going to make it big in 2009
  3. iboard Interactive Numeracy – a great activity for interactive whiteboards or student learning stations
  4. Keyboard shortcuts for Windows – great shortcuts that will help save time and clicking. How many do you already know and use?
  5. The Story of Cap and Trade – a great informational video
  6. The Interactive Mathematics Classroom – “Students learn mathematics by DOING mathematics, and not by watching someone else do mathematics. In recent years there has been an explosion in the number of high quality digital resources available from the Net and elsewhere that allow students to investigate, explore or consolidate the topics they are learning in their maths class. Over time, it is hoped that this website will become a one-stop shop for quality interactive digital resources for mathematics education. Currently there are over four hundred sixty quality resources and links available from this website. Have a browse and take away what you wish.”
  7. ARKive – wonderful wildlife photographs and videos posted online in a virtual battle to save the world’s endangered plants and animals from the brink of extinction…the ultimate multimedia guide to the world’s endangered species.
  8. Not Martha: a tiny gingerbread house that perches on the edge of your mug – what a darling idea. Learn how to create these delectable treats at the Not Martha site.
  9. Color Palette Generator – Generate a color palette based on an image
  10. Gigapixel – fascinating panorama of Dresden…a world record feat visit the site to truly appreciate this panoramic wonder. Then, watch the embedded video below to learn how it was done.